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Oct 8, 2012 2:00am PDT
chances. he would launch a vigorous defense. but he'd now have to plan it from his new home. a stifling cell in tortola's prison. a fortress high up on a bluff facing the ocean where the view can't be beat but comes at a price no one wants to pay. >>> when we come back, a criminal trial begins with some surprising revelations. another diver in the life of david swain? >> so this is the classic motivation, the classic ingredient of murder sometimes. the other woman. >> yes. >> when "the last dive" continues. [ female announcer ] imagine an air freshener that can instantly make your home fresh and inviting. introducing glade expressions fragrance mist. a squeeze at the neck of the bottle releases a fragrant mist, eliminating odors. light layers of fresh cotton and italian mandarin that instantly fill the air with fragrance. with a stylish design, it can be left out. so you can add long-lasting fragrance whenever you need it. ♪ and it's available in an easy-to-replace refill. glade expressions fragrance mist. sc johnson. a family company. with the parents and the cute little baby triplet
Oct 12, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. >> the defense attorney urged anyone looking at the case to follow the money in ben's murder. down there in the fine print of the will, it shows that may, the daughter, may have had her own reasons for wanting ben dead and her mother accused. >> may abbad and her children were the next in line. >> if somehow narcy was removed from the line of inheritance, the daughter, may abad, would get $10 million for her children. >> that's correct. >> with narcy out of the picture, may would get a flat $150,000, and her two boys, the rest of the $10 million estate. narcy began offering her own theory of the crime. may did it. >> when she realized the finger was being pointed on her, she accused me. >> of arranging to kill ben for the many? >> uh-huh. correct. uh-huh. >> the mother and daughter finger pointing accusations continued without cease-fire even as they interred ben in the family mausoleum. narcy, hidden beneath sunglasses and a scarf and hat, ignored her daughter. the mother was flanked by armed bodyguards. the daughter brought her sons. >> one of my mother's bodyguards flashed his g
Oct 8, 2012 2:50am EDT
eight minutes after she entered the water? now the defense said hang on. how do we know shelley stopped breathing after eight minutes? in truth, she was so petite, she was known for using less air than an average diver. if she was just sipping at her air, she could have died well after just as he said. >> i wasn't there. by the time this happened, i was hundreds of yards away. >> but if shelley had died alone, what about that confounding clue on the ocean floor, her dive fin found stuck toe first into the sand? the prosecution argued it was forced in during the attack. the defense wondered about that theory and "dateline" tried it out conducting our own experiment at the twin wrecks site with the help of tortola diver keith royal. >> i went down on the same area and tried to do the same thing myself with the fin on, and it was impossible. the only way i could get it to stick in the sand was physically with my hands putting it into the sand. >> in other words, royal says someone must have put it there intentionally. but who? >> in court, the defense brought all the pieces together in its
Oct 11, 2012 10:00pm PDT
the defense gave its opening statement. then things took an unexpected turn. >> during the opening statement, it was said that the money that harvey got from steven was money that was owed to harvey in a loan that happened many years ago. >> reporter: harvey loaned money to steven's father back in the '80s, the defense told the jury. they had a promissory note to prove it. hadn't you encountered that along the way? >> no. it was part of the trust packet. and at this point, the numbers i'm getting from the court were over 33,000 pages of documentation. >> quite frankly, we missed it. >> reporter: they had missed evidence that seemed to show harvey wasn't stealing from steven at all, had no motive to kill him. suddenly, the whole case against harvey, fragile to begin with, seemed in danger of falling apart. and amid doubt about the new evidence, the judge declared a mistrial. >> i thought, oh, my god, he's being set free. >> reporter: but harvey wasn't set free. instead, the state appointed to the case its third prosecutor in five years. >> this was my first case of this particular type. >> re
Oct 6, 2012 10:00pm PDT
, evil sort of wrapping around a sweet, young little baby. >> at the trial, defense attorney kevin clymo portrayed elisa as a black widow, sophisticated con artist who wanted her husband dead, and sarah was her innocent and terrified pawn. >> it was the most horrible thing i've never done, not because i wanted to. not because i wanted to. i want you to know that. >> really? now prosecutor testa introduced ginger miller. remember her, the other secretary who worked alongside sarah and elisa? she said, in the days and weeks after larry vanished, elisa and sarah seemed to feel anything but remorse. >> they're laughing together. they're shopping together. they're eating together. they're sleeping in the same bed together. she's living at her house. >> so they were not really working, were they? >> they were. they would get maybe two hours of work done a day. >> what did they do the rest of the time, just party? >> shop, hang out, sleep late, go flirt with boys. >> all the while spending the firm's money, larry's money. a lot of money. >> elisa got a red jaguar, sarah got a red bmw. >> such c
Oct 5, 2012 10:00pm PDT
the the stand, had answers to some stubbornly uncomfortable facts and this question that hung over the defense table like a cloud. >> you loved your life, a lot, but in that moment of extreme range, you killed her. strangled her. threw her body. >> it's so not true. >> the theme of the prosecution was that you were in -- and t t that -- >> it's just not true. they painted quite a picture though. >> oh, yes. they certainly did. with the help of a woman whose message in a way came back from the grave. coming up, stephanie speaks. >> i'm here asking for help. >> and so does another voice from the past. >> he had a look on his face that i'd never seen or recognized before. >> what secrets will she reveal? >> and coming up next friday on "dateline," he was the print of a legendary hotel family. but as a stepfather, gentle and kind. until that terrible day. >> i couldn't believe it. >> her step dad, dad. her mom, destroyed. >> marcie was howling and screaming. >> a slew of potential suspects. >> there were a lot of people who didn't like him. >> but for her, creeping questions closer to home. >> my
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)